Understanding the Client's Business

  • Get a grasp on client’s brand and industry trends
  • Conducting due diligence on the client's products and/or services
  • Researching the competition
  • Understanding client’s customers
  • Understanding client’s overall business KPI’s and goals
  • Putting all the research together          

Understanding the Job Description

Job Description produces a realistic picture of a job and answers the question, “What would the person in this role actually do?”. Job description actually sets the foundation for recruiting, developing& retaining talent and also sets the stage for optimum work performance by clarifying responsibilities, expected results, and evaluation of performance.


While someone may look good on paper, they may not be exactly what they appear to be. That’s why we take pains to thoroughly investigate each candidate; it’s why we stand behind each of our candidates. We believe there’s a fine line between screening candidates “in” and screening them “out”. 

  • Talent Mapping delves into the exact needs and wants of the company to build a very specific persona of the ideal candidate to fulfill the hiring KPIs.
  • Competition/Market Mapping, competitors are the great guides for recruiting.
  • Return to the past,Analyzing profiles of ex-employees: where they came from, how long they stayed with the company and where did they go after? 
  • Analyze your talent pool

Short-listing & Forwarding

  • Setting criteria- Essential & desirable
  • Tracking applications, preliminary resume screening based on set criteria and probable red flags
  • Elimination at the first and second levels and the final listing of the significant
  • Detailed information about the work and the organization, as well as answers to any questions
  • Client receives the final list

Client evaluates the resumes

We intimately involve our clients in each step of the process. We believe that full participation by clients is the only way we can perform successfully.
Clients evaluate resumes based on pre-determined criteria such as job history and declared experience, accomplishments, contributions, red flags, recruiter comments, and so on, and we seek client feedback.

The Interview process

Client management conducts various levels of interviews with candidates.
We handle all aspects of the personal interview, telephonic interview, or video interview, depending on the client's preferences.

Selection, negotiation and offer

Finally, the client selects a candidate from among the interviewees for whom they desire to make an offer. We provide our best possible support at this point since we recognize it as the most crucial because the process is virtually complete, and backing out now would mean starting again.
We work on this in accordance with the scope provided by the client.

Follow up & on boarding

We follow up with candidates to make sure they resign from their current employers, getting their resignation accepted by their bosses, completing their notice period smoothly, and finally joining the client organization and integrating seamlessly into the system.

Reference check

This is an add-on service on the special requisition by the client. Normally, this would be a reference check with the previous employer or employers.
Otherwise, If required we could undertake a thorough background check through suitable agencies (third party ref-check).