Direct Hire

Because we tailor our methods to meet each client’s needs, we need to know where to look. That’s why we work so closely with our clients. Sometimes we need to throw a wide net. Sometimes we need to dig a deep trench. Sometimes we do both. We not only use traditional sourcing methods, we mix it up by using innovative approaches, like social media resources, that are developed and dictated for each unique client.

Using our direct hire recruiting methodology, we can assist you in achieving business success. Paying when your new hire is on board is often a good idea. Direct hire recruiting is especially useful for firms trying to fill non-confidential mid-level to upper-level management roles. We treat direct hire recruiting with thoroughness, professionalism and discretion. We have an unrivalled nationwide network of candidates, cutting-edge technology, in-depth market research and analytics, a comprehensive marketing strategy and extensive industry experience. Candidates are placed in a variety of specialities.

Share your open positions with us

  • Get an immediate shortlist of actively looking and top matched talent
  • Hire a person and then pay

We believe that recruitment should not be a problem, rather it should be a solution to bigger problems. Our approach sets us apart from the competition in the direct hire recruiting industry, ensuring that you receive the focused insight and genuine commitment to hiring success that you and your company deserve.

We find and interview people who meet your specific employment requirements. For your consideration, we thoroughly evaluate and pre-qualify each prospect. We present you with the best applicants through detailed profiles and set up interviews with each one you choose. Every step of the journey, our direct hire recruiting experts give seasoned, consultative guidance. Throughout the interview, negotiation and onboarding process, we work directly with you and the candidate.

We provide trusted, consultative service to each and every client by truly listening and responding to your needs.